Research and development

Research and development

We understand the function of R&D and its impact on delivering a return on investment. Ricardo possesses the expertise and experience to help you investigate new technologies and quantify improvements that support business case and cost-benefit analysis, so you can strengthen your core business and your bottom line.

Our multi-disciplined engineering team can provide a wide variety of support to your R&D projects, from augmenting your team with Ricardo's SMEs to producing complete designs with technical data packages ready for production. We can also deliver complete prototypes of software-based and electro-mechanical systems.

Complete product development

Ricardo can take your product from concept to production. We can take a rough concept and produce a set of performance requirements. We will utilize our systematic concept development process to define a family of viable candidate solutions with just enough detail to support evaluation of alternatives and selection of preferred solution(s) for further development.

We can quickly assemble a multidisciplinary team to then complete the design and work with you to identify the best partners to help fabricate prototypes and manufacture the product. We can provide the necessary engineering, procurement, inventory control, quality management and schedule oversight to ensure that your product is delivered to specification, on time and within budget. Typical product developments include:

  • Software – Diagnostic tools; data management systems; control and monitoring; RT embedded software; SOAs, enterprise information management systems, portals and websites
  • Electronics – Embedded controllers; networked data acquisition; vehicle networks
  • Power Systems – Power distribution and control; power conversion and storage systems
  • Electro-Mechanical Systems – Electro optics; mechanisms; drive systems; sensors/telemetry; control systems
  • Cabling – Schematics; 3D harness routing; cable design and documentation; procurement; integration and test support
  • Structures – 3D solid models; packaging; component and assembly drawings; manufacturing work instructions