Secure data

Secure data

Cyber Resilient Data Security

Data security is paramount to mission success, and to the safety of those who put their lives on the line to protect us.

Ricardo Defense’s customers rely on us to safeguard their sensitive data from the persistent threat of sophisticated cyber attacks, and our team of certified cybersecurity professionals is committed to developing and delivering resilient data security solutions.

Ricardo Defense offers integrated data collection, migration, storage, and visualization solutions that enable improved situational awareness and decision-making in mission-critical environments, where data security and integrity are critical to successful and resilient execution.

Our cyber resilience and data services include: 

  • Security-Enhanced MDD (S-E-MSD)
  • Common Interface Management Service (CIMS)
  • Military systems cyber security
  • Mobile Fuel & Energy Management (MFEM)
  • Digital Log Book (DLB)
  • Product Peformance Management (PPM)