Protect life

Protect life

Protecting those who protect us

Ricardo Defense’s primary objective is to protect the brave people of the United States military, who have sworn an oath to defend our safety, security and freedom.

Ricardo's Engineers, Logisticians, and Acquisition Life Cycle professionals work shoulder-to-shoulder with US and allied nations to put the safest and most capable systems into the hands of military personnel. We are intensely focused on leveraging cutting-edge technical expertise in the creation of safety-critical vehicle systems and software solutions that protect those who willingly put their lives on the line, both home and abroad, to keep us safe. 

As part of our commitment to protecting life, Ricardo's experts provide the following services:

  • Security-Enhanced MDD (S-E-MSD)
  • Common Interface Management Service (CIMS)
  • Military systems cyber security
  • Mobile Fuel & Energy Management (MFEM)
  • Digital Log Book (DLB)
  • Product Peformance Management (PPM)

Protecting those who protect us, drives everything we do.